Technology 10+ years ago

I’m moving out of a house that I’ve spent almost 10 years in, with boxes from before then. This time, I’m being a little pickier with what I bring since it’s NYC and space is at a premium.

While going over boxes of “junk”, I’ve noticed:

  • JavaScript hasn’t come too far from the basics back in 2000.
  • I’m glad I don’t have to program in COM or, worse, DCOM anymore.
  • PGP never really took off like I thought it would.
  • I miss OS/2.
  • I sure did have a lot of dial-up and telnet hosts written down.
  • PixiNet was my first real ISP in Hawaii after local dial-up modem banks and MILNET (part of the old DDN).
  • Apparently over Christmas break during ‘99, I printed out a list of all known ports (119 pages) and started figuring out what each was for and known vunerabilities of each.
  • Man did I print a lot, good thing I have EverNote now.
  • I still miss OS/2.