Heroku the Magician!

In an earlier blog post entitled Heroku’s uptime numbers are off, Heroku claimed their uptime was 99.28% and I calculated it closer to 96.25%.

Status page a few days ago: Heroku Status in July

Now, they’re combining multiple months together to decrease the number.

Status page today: Heroku new Status for June

The numbers are looking better and better eh?

Three questions:

  1. Why are they listing July separate (which was a good month right?) and then the 3 previous months with July included again?
  2. What happened to January through April?
  3. Is this going to be a rolling previous three months? Or is next month going to drop May and June then list only July and August?

I wish their marketing department didn’t make these pages.

They should list percentages for the current month and the previous month with a link to a page listing all the months ever recorded.

Even better would be to mimic your parent company (Salesforce) or Amazon. The way they list history is much easier to digest.

Amazon: Amazon Status

Salesforce: Salesforce Status