Technology 10+ years ago

I’m moving out of a house that I’ve spent almost 10 years in, with boxes from before then. This time, I’m being a little pickier with what I bring since it’s NYC and space is at a premium.

While going over boxes of “junk”, I’ve noticed:

  • JavaScript hasn’t come too far from the basics back in 2000.
  • I’m glad I don’t have to program in COM or, worse, DCOM anymore.
  • PGP never really took off like I thought it would.
  • I miss OS/2.
  • I sure did have a lot of dial-up and telnet hosts written down.
  • PixiNet was my first real ISP in Hawaii after local dial-up modem banks and MILNET (part of the old DDN).
  • Apparently over Christmas break during ‘99, I printed out a list of all known ports (119 pages) and started figuring out what each was for and known vunerabilities of each.
  • Man did I print a lot, good thing I have EverNote now.
  • I still miss OS/2.

Growl 1.2 installation stuck at Preparing Growl

Turns out if you have the iPhone Simulator running when upgrading Growl, it will get stuck while Preparing Growl for installation.  The hangup occurs as the installation process starts after the Package Installer has taken in your input and authenticates your Admin rights.

Looks as though the iPhone Simulator conflicts with any Package Installer over at Open Radar.

Apple tries too hard to keep their iPhone OS under lockdown under SDK conditions knowing that jailbroken phones exist.  They should open it up.  What’s the concern?

Social Media Certification - No!

I’m trying to process this article proposing the question, “Is it possible to really be an expert in Social Media Marketing?” and should a certification exist for such an expert.

I have three simple answers:

  1. Your marketing personnel should already use social media to reach customers.
  2. Your customer support personnel should already use social media to help your customers.
  3. Your product managers should already use social media to engage your customers.

An “expert” in social media should be measured by how you apply social media to better your product, your people, and all your other customers.  Certifications can be built into marketing degrees if necessary, but the best approach is to simply gauge a person’s past experiences and performance.  And it’s a good thing that social media experts can show off their work online.

So stop calling yourself a Social Media expert.  It’s Marketing with a sprinkle of social media on top.  You still need to know how to sell it, how to pull customers in, and how to improve everything along the way!

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